Underrated satirical city builder gets wet in new watery DLC

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Imagine retiring on a white sand beach, palm trees swaying, sun shining while sipping a fruity cocktail. This dream lifestyle can be experienced in the underrated city builder Tropico 6. In this satirical game, set in the Caribbean nation of Tropico, you play as El Presidente, the ruler responsible for the prosperity of the citizens. Now, with the newly launched DLC, you can offer your people a luxurious life on the water.

Tropico 6 is introducing a new dimension by allowing players to construct various buildings directly on the water with its Tropican Shores DLC. This city-building game with a satirical twist has added megayachts, a tidal power station, and different houseboats for your citizens to reside in. The DLC features 15 new buildings to experiment with, a new scenario to familiarize yourself with the new mechanics, and three new edicts to aid in your offshore construction projects.

One notable addition is a dolphin therapy building that may enhance residents’ happiness and deter rebellions, along with shark therapy for addressing any remaining dissent.

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The Tropican Shores DLC is available starting today, Tuesday, June 18, at a discounted price of $13.49 / £11.69, reduced from $14.99 / £12.99 until Tuesday, July 2. You can purchase it on Steam here.

If you enjoy maritime adventures, you might want to explore some interesting pirate games. Alternatively, if you’re into city building and strategy, consider playing some strategy games.

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