Lauryn Goodman to Take Son Kairo to Watch Dad Kyle Walker Play at Euros

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div>KYLE Walker’s former partner, Lauryn Goodman, has made arrangements to travel with their son Kairo to Germany to witness England’s third Euros group match.

However, social media influencer Lauryn, who is a mother to Kairo, aged four, and a daughter who is almost one, with the married football player, has decided against attending the game against Serbia tonight.

Lauryn Goodman has made travel arrangements to take Kyle Walker’s son Kairo to England’s third group stage match in the Euros5

Lauryn Goodman has tickets and flights booked to Germany to take Kyle Walker’s son Kairo to England’s third group stage match in the EurosCredit: Splash
Lauryn is also the mother of the Man City fullback’s daughter5

Lauryn is also the mother of the Man City fullback’s daughterCredit: Splash

She made this change in plans to avoid negative reactions and is now set to fly out for the match against Slovenia in Cologne on June 25.

In the meantime, Kyle’s wife, Annie Kilner, aged 31, is scheduled to depart on a £30,000 private jet this morning to attend the game tonight.

She plans to travel with three out of their four sons but will not stay for more than a day.

When Lauryn, 33, arrives, Kairo will be dressed in a football jersey with “Daddy and Kyle’s number 2” on the back at the Slovenia match.

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According to a source, a filming crew might document her experiences as Lauryn is part of a new reality series that delves into the life of Wags.

The source revealed to The Sun on Sunday: “Lauryn strongly believes that Kyle would want his son there.

“She has received tickets and the travel arrangements have been finalized for her to attend.

“Kyle and Lauryn have stopped communicating ever since Annie discovered they have a daughter together.

“However, back during the World Cup, when they were on talking terms, it was Kyle who actually suggested Kairo be present at the Euros.

“Ever since that moment, Kairo has been enthusiastic. Which young boy wouldn’t be?

Kyle Walker risks explosive showdown between wife Annie and Lauryn Goodman after ‘inviting’ ex and two kids to Euros

“Kairo should not have to watch his father representing his country from a television screen in England — he deserves to be there.

“Kairo has been tracking his progress with football-shaped stickers.

“He has a chart in his room that he fills in every night.

“Lauryn does not influence this — Kairo has been passionate about football from a young age.

“He even has soccer goal nets in the living room.

“He plays every morning before going to nursery and challenges Lauryn to defend against him.”

Lauryn was initially meant to fly out with her son and her grandfather today to England’s openingA report mentioned that Lauryn was offered tickets to the first match but declined at the last minute. She was concerned about the focus shifting to her and the potential backlash from fans if the team didn’t perform well or if Kyle, her partner, didn’t play up to par. Lauryn wanted to avoid such pressure on herself and their son, Kairo.

The decision not to attend the game in Germany was not about engaging in any unnecessary conflicts with other WAGs but rather about prioritizing their responsibilities as parents.

Lauryn and Kyle’s relationship history includes Lauryn becoming pregnant with Kairo during a break between Kyle and Annie in 2019. Despite this, Kyle and Annie eventually reconciled, got married in 2021, and had their daughter later on. Kyle maintained contact with Lauryn, spending time together with Kairo, and eventually reignited their relationship, leading to the conception of their daughter in 2022.

In the midst of these events, Annie, who was pregnant with her fourth child, announced her separation from Kyle and he moved to a nearby rented property.

Annie gave birth to a son named Rezon in April, with Kyle by her side, shortly before Kairo’s fourth birthday. A spokesperson for Kyle reiterated his focus on the upcoming games and stated that he is committed to giving his best for the team without letting any off-field distractions affect him.

While Kyle did not invite Lauryn to the Euros, two other WAGs were seen at Manchester Airport heading to Germany. Luke Shaw’s partner, Anouska Santos, and Jordan Pickford’s wife, Megan Davison, were both excited to attend the event. Megan was even wearing a necklace with her husband’s name on it.

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