Latest monolith found in Colorado: ‘Maybe aliens trying to enhance their communications’

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The most recent monolith discovery in Colorado has people speculating that aliens might be behind it to enhance their communications. This peculiar monolith, reminiscent of the one seen in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey,” was found near Bellvue, Colorado, standing at about 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The monolith is set on private property belonging to Rob and Lori Graves, who were surprised to find it there.

Many similar mysterious monoliths, with three-sided prism shapes, have been found globally since 2020, with over 250 already discovered. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department recently removed one near Las Vegas due to safety and environmental concerns.

The monolith in Colorado has generated local interest since being spotted on Sunday and shared on Reddit. The public is intrigued by its reflective surface and its secure attachment to a concrete pad on the private land.

Speculations about the monolith’s origins are abundant, with theories ranging from artistic statements to potential alien involvement in enhancing communication. Local cafe manager Brooke Williams was taken aback when customers inquired about the “alien structure,” showcasing the widespread curiosity surrounding these enigmatic objects.

The Graves family, who own the property where the monolith was discovered, are as baffled as everyone else about its sudden appearance. They are curious about the tracks leading to the structure, sparking discussions about urban legends, artistic expressions, or extraterrestrial activities as possible explanations. The mystery deepens as more monoliths keep appearing across the globe, with the first one appearing in Utah’s remote Red Rock Country in November 2020.In 2016, based on Google Earth images, the Monolith Tracker website reported the presence of a mysterious monolith. After the original monolith was removed, another one appeared in Romania, and multiple monoliths surfaced in California by the end of the year. In December 2020, a sculpture similar to the one in Utah was discovered on the Isle of Wight in England.

In March 2024, a new monolith emerged in Wales, discovered by Craig Muir during a hike. The object, towering at about 10 feet, sparked comparisons to a UFO.

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