Chiefs parade shooting: Dominic Miller indicted by a grand jury on three felony counts

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A grand jury has charged Dominic Miller, the third adult accused in the mass shooting that occurred shortly after the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade in February. Dominic Miller is facing charges of second-degree murder, armed criminal action, unlawful use of a weapon, and armed criminal action. The shooting resulted in injuries to over 20 individuals and the tragic death of Lisa Lopez-Galvan. Miller himself was hospitalized for weeks due to injuries sustained during the incident. According to court documents, a bullet fired from Miller’s gun was responsible for the death of Lopez-Galvan. Miller is among three adult males who have been charged in connection with the shooting. Earlier in 2024, Lyndell Mays and Terry Young were also indicted by a grand jury for their involvement in the shooting. Additionally, three individuals under the age of 18 have also been charged.

A grand jury has indicted the third adult charged in February’s mass shooting shortly after the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade.

Gunfire injured more than 20 and killed Lisa Lopez-Galvan.
Miller spent weeks in the hospital after being injured himself. Court documents state a bullet from Miller’s gun killed Lopez-Galvan.
Miller is one of three male adults charged in the shooting.
Lyndell Mays and Terry Young were also charged in the shooting. Both were indicted by a grand jury earlier in 2024.
Three suspects under 18 years old have been charged.

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