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We are approaching the sixth year of Fallout 76, and the Skyline Valley update is expected to be one of the most significant additions to date. This update brings various exciting features for players to enjoy, including a map expansion and the ability to play as a Ghoul. Here are six updates that all vault dwellers can look forward to:

Appalachia is Getting Bigger

Fallout 76 is expanding its map with the Skyline Valley update, marking the first time in six years that the core region has been extended. This expansion will include new locations in the Shenandoah region, providing players with more areas to explore and expand their 76 experience.

Map Expansion

The Creative Director of Fallout 76, Jon Rush, mentioned that the expansion was a deliberate decision to utilize the unused space around the map and integrate it seamlessly into the existing world.

20 New Points of Interest

Along with the map expansion, Skyline Valley will introduce 20 new points of interest for players to discover. These include locations inspired by real-world Shenandoah landmarks such as Mary’s Rock Tunnel, Rapidan Camp, and Skyline Drive.

New Points of Interest

Additionally, new factions, quests, and activities, including the ‘Dangerous Pastimes’ event, will be part of this update, offering players more engaging gameplay experiences.

A Brand New Vault to Explore

Vault 63, a mysterious bunker that has remained closed since the game’s launch, will finally be accessible in Skyline Valley. Players will have the opportunity to uncover the secrets hidden within this long-sealed vault.

Vault 63

One of the key mysteries revolves around the residents of Vault 63, who have turned into ghouls due to the incomplete construction of the vault before the nuclear apocalypse. The leader of these ghouls, Hugo Stolz, will be one of the new enemy types known as The Lost.

The Lost

The Lost are former inhabitants of Vault 63 who have transformed into feral ghouls in Skyline Valley. These electrified creatures roam the region and pose a threat to outsiders, displaying aggressive behavior.

The Lost

In addition to The Lost, players will also encounter other new enemy types, including the Storm Goliaths – giant robots created by Vault 63’s inhabitants to wield the power of bad weather as a weapon.

Storm Goliaths

In Skyline Valley, players will encounter mutated creatures like the Thrasher, a strange cow-sized mutant turkey hybrid that roams the hills of Shenandoah.

A future update in 2025 will allow players in Fallout 76 to play as a ghoul, giving level 50+ players the opportunity to take on the appearance and abilities of this unique character. Lead designer Rush emphasizes that being a ghoul is not just about looks.

Ghouls will have a different gameplay experience, as radiation will actually heal them instead of harming them. This will introduce new perks and abilities specific to ghouls, altering the gameplay for experienced players. Rush highlights that playing as a ghoul will require a shift in tactics, such as not wearing power armor to embrace radiation’s healing effects.

This new feature aims to shake up the usual gameplay strategies in Fallout 76 and encourage players to experiment with different playstyles. The addition of playing as a ghoul coincides with the rising popularity of ghouls in media, particularly in the successful Amazon Prime Video show featuring Walton Goggins.

Rush hints at a potential gameplay mechanic inspired by the show, suggesting that players may need to consume a ghoul-like remedy to maintain their humanity and prevent turning feral. This mechanic could add a new survival element to the game, enhancing the immersive experience for players.

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