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Microsoft has decided to introduce the upcoming Call of Duty game on its Xbox Game Pass subscription service simultaneously with its release, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. This announcement is expected to be made during the Xbox Games Showcase event on June 9.
This decision follows thorough internal discussions at Microsoft regarding the potential implications of including the highly successful first-person shooter series in Game Pass. Some executives raised concerns that integrating Game Pass could have a negative impact on the revenue generated from traditional Call of Duty sales, which typically involve the game being priced at approximately $70 and selling over 20 million copies.
The report from the Wall Street Journal did not specify whether Microsoft plans to charge an extra fee for Call of Duty within Game Pass or raise the price of its Game Pass Ultimate subscription tier. Nevertheless, this move underscores Microsoft’s dedication to enhancing its subscription service, even if it means potentially sacrificing some revenue from direct game sales.
Last year, Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard, the publisher of Call of Duty, for $68.7 billion. Since then, there has been widespread speculation about how Microsoft would leverage the popular franchise to enrich its gaming ecosystem. Before the acquisition, Activision typically refrained from releasing its games on subscription services at launch, preferring to add them several years later.
The forthcoming Call of Duty title, rumored to be set during the Gulf War of the 1990s, is scheduled for release in late October. By including the game in Game Pass on its release day, Microsoft is signaling a significant shift in strategy for the franchise and emphasizing its commitment to expanding its subscriber base.
Introducing Call of Duty in Game Pass from day one is likely to attract a substantial number of new subscribers. However, the impact of this decision on the game’s overall sales and whether it will establish a precedent for future releases from Microsoft and other game publishers remain to be seen.
The upcoming Xbox Games Showcase is anticipated to offer more details on Microsoft’s plans for Call of Duty and other Activision Blizzard properties within the Xbox ecosystem.

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