Optimizing the Destiny 2 Expansion Open Access for Best Experience

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If you are new to Destiny 2 or haven’t played for a while, now is the perfect time to dive back in. From May 7 to June 3, Bungie is granting all players access to The Witch Queen, Beyond Light, and Shadowkeep expansions (and Lightfall for PlayStation Plus members) as well as the previous four Seasons of content!

With a month-long window to explore all this content, where should a Guardian begin? We consulted Bungie Community Lead Chris “Cozmo” Shannon for guidance.

How to make the most of Destiny 2 Expansion Open Access, live now

Fast-track and Equip

“If you haven’t completed the New Light quest chain, you can skip it and jump straight into the action. Make sure to collect two essential gifts right away. Visit Shaxx in the Hall of Champions for high-power gear from the Gift of the Thunder Gods chest and head to Ikora in the Tower to select your New Light Kit. Each kit offers Exotic armor and abilities for a different Light subclass. And you can acquire this gear for all your characters!”

Choose Your Path

Once you are geared up, it’s time to decide on your first adventure. There are numerous captivating locations to explore, each with its own distinct feel and narrative. Consider your play style and schedule as well. Whether you prefer a leisurely exploration or wish to make the most of this opportunity, Cozmo has some suggestions to steer you in the right direction.

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Solo Quest: The Witch Queen

Embark on a journey through Savathûn’s Throne World, a blend of Darkness and Light.

“The Witch Queen showcases some of our finest storytelling to date. We meticulously built up Savathûn as a multifaceted antagonist, and engaging in a battle with her while uncovering her past and motives is exhilarating. Even if you are unfamiliar with Savathûn, the campaign skillfully weaves her story and background, making it accessible to all. It culminates in remarkable moments and a thrilling boss fight.” – Chris “Cozmo” Shannon

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Solo Quest: Master Stasis in Beyond Light

Immerse yourself in the dark power of Jupiter’s moon amidst the icy landscape of the Fallen.

“If controlling crowds and the concept of freezing enemies before shattering them excites you, then Stasis is for you. Complete the Beyond Light campaign and undertake various quests from the Exo Stranger to unlock this formidable Darkness subclass. She can also assist you in acquiring additional Stasis abilities.”

Solo or 3-Player Activity: The Coil from Season of the Wish

Descend beneath the Dreaming City to unravel a labyrinth of dragon enigmas.

“Don’t miss out on The Coil, one of our top activities known for its rewarding nature. Explore Riven’s dragon sanctuary with ever-changing layouts, evade traps to preserve your limited lives, and undertake this adventure solo, with friends, or through automatic matchmaking.” – Chris “Cozmo” Shannon

Challenge Yourself: Obtain Shadowkeep’s Exotic Weapons

Uncover sinister truths lurking beneath the Moon’s surface.

“Shadowkeep offers a collection of exceptional Exotic weapons, although obtaining them can be quite challenging. Rally your team to tackle the Symphony of Death Exotic quest for the Deathbringer Rocket Launcher and The Journey quest for the versatile Xenophage Heavy Machine Gun. If you are a supportive player seeking a weapon that can significantly benefit your team and are up for an even greater challenge, pursue Divinity. However, be sure to follow a reliable guide as you will encounter demanding puzzles and a raid.” – Chris “Cozmo” Shannon

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Relaxing Interlude: Season of the Deep’s Fishing Activity

Explore the ocean depths of Titan where dangers abound—fishing, however, is not one of them.

“Take a breather from the action and relish the simple joy of casting a line and reeling in fish and occasional treasures. Whether you prefer to unwind solo or with companions, fishing offers a peaceful respite. Additionally, you can collect various fish species for your tank and visit them at your aquarium in the H.E.L.M.” – Chris “Cozmo” Shannon

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Exclusive for PlayStation Plus: Destiny 2 Lightfall

Furthermore, PlayStation Plus members can access the latest Destiny 2 expansion, Lightfall, as part of the May Monthly Game during this period.

“Lightfall presents captivating urban landscapes to explore and exhilarating encounters in later missions. It is definitely worth playing to obtain Strand and wield the grapple ability.” – Chris “Cozmo” Shannon

Guardians, Are You Ready?

Keep these recommendations handy from Bungie’s Cozmo as your roadmap. Explore, enjoy, gear up, and enhance your stats. The Final Shape debuts on June 4, and we require all Guardians to be battle-ready for the impending challenge.

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