Mothers in the Bible: Their Stories of Faith, Hope, and Strength

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Throughout the Bible, mothers have played crucial roles in the lives of their children and communities, leaving a lasting impact both in the background and frontlines. Celebrating Mother’s Day this year, Fox News Digital reached out to faith leaders nationwide to reflect on some of the remarkable motherly figures in the Bible and why they are revered by many.

“A mother’s influence extends far beyond her lifetime,” remarked Patti Garibay, the founder and executive director of American Heritage Girls in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Here’s what several faith leaders had to say about significant mothers in the Bible. 

Women in the Bible

1. Yocheved, mother of Moses, and other influential mothers

In the book of Exodus, five courageous women took a stand to protect the infant Moses from harm. 

Yocheved putting Moses in a basket down the Nile
Yocheved’s act of placing baby Moses in a basket on the Nile River exemplified “selfless love and courage that ultimately led to the liberation of a nation,” shared Laura Gallier, an author from Houston with Fox News Digital. (iStock)

The first two heroines were Shiphrah and Puah, midwives mentioned in Exodus 1:15. 

New Jersey-based Rabbi Cecelia Beyer noted how they bravely defied Pharaoh’s orders, allowing the newborn boys to survive. 

Beyer, a rabbi at Temple Sholom of Bridgewater, added, “She was ‘desperate for Moses to escape his fate.'”

She was “desperate for Moses to escape his fate.”

Following Moses’ birth, his mother Yocheved, a slave, hid him for three months before setting him afloat on the river, hoping he would evade danger, while his sister Miriam kept watch until he was rescued. It was Bat Pharoah, the daughter of the king who sought to harm the Israelites, who ultimately saved and raised Moses as her own, as recounted by Beyer. 


Other faith leaders also highlighted Yocheved as a beacon of motherly love and bravery in the Bible. 

Laura Gallier, the Houston-based author of the award-winning novel series “The Delusion,” emphasized Yocheved’s poignant decision of sending Moses down the Nile as an act of “selfless love and courage that would eventually liberate a nation.” 

Garibay from American Heritage Girls emphasized the significance of Moses, who was rescued as an infant and later became a pivotal figure in the Jewish community’s salvation from Egyptian slavery.

2. Hannah, mother of Samuel

Hannah, the mother of the prophet Samuel, faced infertility initially while being one of Elkanah’s wives. 

Despite her struggles, Hannah vowed to dedicate her son to the Lord throughout his life (1 Samuel 1:11).

Woman praying at her bed
Hannah’s story of perseverance in faith and her unwavering trust in God is chronicled in the First Book of Samuel. Hannah serves as a reminder, as one faith leader put it, “to never shy away from prayer and to trust that God hears.” (iStock)

“Hannah endured years of yearning to become a mother, experiencing deep anguish and disappointments,” shared Pastor Jesse Bradley with Fox News Digital. 

As the pastor of Grace Community Church in Ashburn, Washington, Bradley highlighted Hannah’s relentless prayers and unwavering faith during hardship.


Katie McGrady, a Catholic author, speaker, and radio host in Lake Charles, Louisiana, drew inspiration from Hannah’s story. 

Reflecting on 1 Samuel, McGrady shared, “Here is a woman who, despite being mistreated by her family and husband due to infertility, fervently prayed for a child.” 

McGrady added, “Hannah’s persistence in faith, her joy upon having a son, and her gratitude and praise to God remind me to never hesitate to pray and trust that God listens.” 

3. Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist

Elizabeth, like Hannah, faced infertility, a story recounted in Luke’s Gospel. 

In the words of Bradley from Washington, “The angel Gabriel assured Zechariah and Elizabeth of a child, despite their advanced age (Luke 1:36).” 

a painting of Mary's visitation to Elizabeth
Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, interacted with Mary during their pregnancies in an event known as “The Visitation.”  (iStock)

Elizabeth, carrying the unborn John the Baptist, experienced a joyful moment when he “leaped in her womb” upon encountering Mary, known as “The Visitation.”The pregnant Virgin Mary visited Elizabeth and was greeted with words from the Bible, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb” (Luke 1:42) — which is part of the Hail Mary prayer.

Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, is considered the primary spiritual matriarch in scripture. Giving birth and raising the Savior is a role beyond human understanding. God chose Mary as a young virgin to fulfill the prophesied birth of Jesus, as stated by the prophet Isaiah.

The presence and prayers of a loving mother, along with her influence, hold immense significance. Mary’s love for her Son, Jesus, remained unwavering, even during his crucifixion when He entrusted her to John (John 19:26).

Mothers play a crucial role, as shown through various examples in the Bible, including Mary, the mother of Jesus, who is revered for her enduring love and faith.

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