Meet Pixel 8a: The Google AI phone at an unbeatable value

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Pixel 8a: Google’s AI Phone Offering Great Value

Google’s Pixel 8a is designed to make your life easier with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). This phone is all about efficiency, helping you accomplish tasks quickly so you can focus on what really matters.

Streamlining Tasks with Google AI

Pixel 8a comes equipped with Gemini, an AI assistant that can assist you in various ways, such as generating ideas, drafting messages, or organizing your travel plans. By enabling extensions, you can even ask Gemini to handle tasks like summarizing emails or sorting through your inbox. Simply press the power button to activate Gemini and start benefiting from its capabilities. Check the availability of Gemini in your region here.

Additionally, Pixel 8a features Circle to Search, which eliminates the need to switch between apps to find information. You can now simply use your finger to draw a circle, scribble, or tap on content like images, text, or videos to initiate a search. The phone also includes AI-powered Pixel Call Assist functionalities such as Call Screen, Direct My Call, Hold for Me, Clear Calling, and more.

Moreover, Pixel 8a will introduce Audio Emoji, allowing you to add more expression to your phone calls. By tapping on an emoji, you can trigger an audio response and a visual effect, enhancing the communication experience. For instance, you can use a hand-clap emoji to applaud someone or a laughing emoji to react to a joke.

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