Mavs Steal Game 1, Celtics Hold Off Pacers, and AL MVP Odds

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The Dallas Mavericks snagged Game 1, the Boston Celtics managed to fend off the Indiana Pacers, and a look at the odds for the AL MVP title was discussed on a recent East Coast Bias podcast episode.

The podcast opens with a recap of the Celtics’ thrilling overtime victory against the Pacers, followed by a discussion on betting strategies for the rest of the series. The hosts then dissect the Mavericks’ Game 1 triumph in the Western Conference finals. Subsequently, the importance of adequate rest in the NFL scheduling is examined, along with a breakdown of the top contenders for the American League MVP award. The episode concludes with the hosts sharing their top picks for the upcoming weekend.

Hosted by John Jastremski, Joe House, and Raheem Palmer, the podcast was produced by Stefan Anderson, Tucker Tashjian, and Drew Van Steenbergen, with additional production oversight by Steve Ceruti.

For more information, you can listen to the full podcast episode on Spotify: The East Coast Bias boys. To read the original article, click the following source link.

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