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Man rides out tornado inside van See the footage

An incredible tale unfolds as a man rides out a tornado sheltered inside his vehicle.

Cody Coombes shares his experience of facing a tornado in Little Rock, Arkansas, while inside his pest control van. This incident occurred during an EF-3 tornado that swept through Pulaski and Lonoke counties, leaving a trail of destruction with peak wind speeds reaching 165 mph. Tragically, the tornado claimed the lives of one individual in North Little Rock and four individuals in Wynne.

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How did the man survive inside the van during the tornado?

The man, Cody Coombes, was inside his pest control van when the tornado struck. Despite the intense winds and chaos outside, the van provided him with a sheltered space, enabling him to survive the terrifying ordeal.

What was the intensity of the tornado in Little Rock, Arkansas?

The tornado that hit Little Rock, Arkansas, was classified as an EF-3 tornado, with estimated peak winds of 165 mph. This powerful tornado caused significant damage across Pulaski and Lonoke counties.

Were there any casualties reported due to the tornado?

Unfortunately, the tornado resulted in the loss of one individual in North Little Rock and four individuals in Wynne. The destructive force of the tornado had devastating consequences for these communities.

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