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French minister criticized for appearing on Playboy cover

French government minister Marlene Schiappa has faced backlash from members of her own party following her appearance on the front cover of Playboy magazine. Schiappa, who has served as a government minister since 2017, featured on the cover to coincide with a 12-page interview she conducted on women’s and LGBT rights, showcasing her advocacy on these issues. The current Minister for the Social Economy and French Associations, Schiappa has a history of championing women’s rights and made history as the country’s first Gender Equality Minister in 2017. In this capacity, she was instrumental in introducing a new law against sexual harassment, enabling immediate fines for individuals engaging in harassment or catcalling towards women.

Despite her strong advocacy for gender equality and women’s rights, Schiappa’s decision to appear on the cover of Playboy has sparked criticism from political counterparts, including French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. According to reports from CNN affiliate BFMTV, Borne reprimanded Schiappa, deeming the cover feature “inappropriate,” particularly given the current political and social turmoil in France, fueled in part by President Emmanuel Macron’s contentious pension reforms that have sparked public outcry.


Q: Why was Marlene Schiappa criticized for her appearance on the Playboy magazine cover?
A: Marlene Schiappa faced criticism for featuring on the front cover of Playboy magazine, with some deeming it inappropriate, especially considering the ongoing political and social unrest in France.

Q: What is Marlene Schiappa known for in her role as a government minister?
A: Marlene Schiappa is recognized for her longstanding advocacy for women’s rights and gender equality, having spearheaded significant initiatives during her tenure as the Gender Equality Minister in France.

Q: What law did Marlene Schiappa introduce during her term as Gender Equality Minister?
A: Marlene Schiappa successfully advocated for a new sexual harassment law that enables the imposition of immediate fines on individuals who engage in actions such as catcalling or harassing women on the streets.In the bustling streets of Paris, a social crisis looms large, with intense debates around policing and the struggle for survival. Green Party politician and women’s rights activist Sandrine Rousseau expressed her frustration, feeling like the real issues are being obscured by a smoke screen, as she shared with BFMTV.

The recent actions of French politicians have stirred controversy. Jean Luc Mélenchon, who secured third place in the 2022 presidential elections, criticized both Secretary of State for Youth and Commitment Marlene Schiappa’s appearance and President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to grant an interview to a children’s magazine, Pif Gadget.

Mélenchon took to Twitter to voice his disapproval, stating that when the President communicates through Pif and his minister through Playboy, the real problem lies with the opposition, painting a picture of a France veering off course.

In response to her detractors, Schiappa defended her stance on women’s rights in a tweet, emphasizing the importance of women having autonomy over their bodies. She affirmed that in France, women enjoy freedom, disregarding the criticisms and hypocrisy that come her way.

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin stepped in to support Schiappa, commending her as a woman of strength during an interview with French news channel CNews. He highlighted her courage and character, acknowledging her unique political style that may differ from his own but deserves respect.

The dynamic political landscape in France continues to spark debate and division, shedding light on the complexities and differing perspectives within the country’s leadership.


What issues are at the forefront in France’s social crisis?

The social crisis in France has brought focus to matters such as policing, challenges around life and death, and larger societal issues that are under intense scrutiny.

How did French politicians like Jean Luc Mélenchon and Marlene Schiappa contribute to the recent controversies?

Jean Luc Mélenchon criticized Marlene Schiappa’s appearance and President Emmanuel Macron’s choice of platform for communication, stirring debates around political conduct and messaging in France.

How did Marlene Schiappa respond to her critics?

Marlene Schiappa defended her advocacy for women’s rights, asserting the freedom of women to make choices about their bodies while dismissing the criticisms and hypocrisy directed at her.

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