An unexpected gesture of kindness changed a grieving barista’s Mother’s Day

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An act of kindness during a difficult time

A barista at a Starbucks in Little Rock, Arkansas, had her day brightened by a customer’s unexpected gesture of kindness. Courtney Crawford, the barista, was working her early morning shift when she noticed that a customer was having a tough start to the day. Despite the customer’s apparent struggles, Crawford managed to bring a smile to her face, leading to a heartwarming interaction that left a lasting impact.

In a video shared on social media, Crawford revealed that the customer, who signed the note as “the Groggy Woman at 5 a.m.,” left her a touching message along with a generous $200 tip. The note expressed gratitude for Crawford’s kindness and acknowledged the positive difference she had made in the customer’s day.

What made this gesture even more meaningful was the timing. Crawford was experiencing her first Mother’s Day without her own mother, Tammy, who had passed away the previous year after battling cancer. The $200 tip enabled Crawford to purchase an urn for her mother, a purchase she had been unable to afford until then.

Despite juggling three jobs to make ends meet, Crawford expressed her deep gratitude for the customer’s kindness and her desire to reconnect with her benefactor someday. She hoped to serve as a reminder to the customer that her actions had a significant impact and that kindness never goes unnoticed.

This heartwarming story, featured on “CBS Mornings'” segment “Dear David,” highlights the positive impact of small acts of kindness. Anyone with information about the generous customer is encouraged to reach out to lead national correspondent David Begnaud via email or social media.

Source: CBS News

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