Amazon’s Bestselling Cooling Pillows Now $18 Each for Memorial Day Sale (40% Off)

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Health experts emphasize the importance of quality sleep for overall well-being, and this starts with having a comfortable bed. When was the last time you changed your pillows? If you’re struggling to remember, it’s probably been too long. Fortunately, Amazon is offering the popular Beckham Hotel Collection Pillows at a discounted price during the Memorial Day Sale. These well-loved pillows are now available for just $18 each and are known for their ability to maintain their shape even after washing. Yes, you read that correctly.

(Curious about the Beckham Hotel Collection Pillows? Check out our home editor’s detailed Beckham Hotel Collection Pillows review. Also, explore other Amazon Memorial Day deals and the overall best Memorial Day deals to maximize your savings.)

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Featuring down alternative and gel-filled fiber, these highly-rated pillows are soft to the touch yet offer ample support.

$36 on Amazon

Quality pillows can be expensive, with some costing over $100. Originally priced at $60 for the set, you can now avail a 40% discount by using the on-page coupon, bringing these top-selling pillows down to their Black Friday price.

Choosing the right pillow is a personal preference according to Nancy R. Kirsch, vice chair of Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Whether you prefer a firm or soft pillow, it’s essential to consider how your pillow aligns your head with your spine to avoid discomfort.

Kirsch advises, “Ideally, your head, neck, and spine should be aligned, minimizing tension in the shoulders.” If you experience headaches or neck stiffness upon waking up, it could be a sign to reassess your pillow choice.

Additionally, old pillows can harbor dust mites, increasing the risk of congestion. Investing in new pillows can significantly impact your overall health.

TheThe Beckham Hotel Collection Pillows are crafted from 100% down-alternative, gel-filled fiber, giving them a soft feel with the right amount of support. Designed for active sleepers, these pillows feature a no-shift construction to prevent bunching and distortion. The cooling gel and breathable fabric combination ensures comfort in all seasons, from spring to winter.

Maintaining these pillows is a breeze; simply toss them in the wash, and they will retain their shape. These pillows are machine-washable for easy care.

two beckham hotel collection pillows on a purple backgroundtwo beckham hotel collection pillows on a purple background

We can’t guarantee you’ll get turn-down service and a chocolate under these every evening, but believe us: Once you hit the sack, you’ll feel like you’re living five-star-resort large. (Amazon)

These pillows have received nearly 165,000 five-star ratings, establishing them as favorites on Amazon.

Many customers attribute these pillows to relieving neck pain. One reviewer mentioned: “I have had a difficult time sleeping, and when I would sleep, I’d wake up with a stiff neck. Finally! Pillows that are comfortable and supportive. I sleep through the night, and no more stiff neck. I definitely recommend these pillows.”

“I have always loved my feather pillows,” expressed another reviewer. “These are a wonderful replacement. They are firm and shape to your desire. They truly do feel cool all night. No lumps or damp, warm, sticky areas as you sweat. As a menopausal person, these pillows have been a game-changer.”

Another satisfied customer shared, “I get migraines and am really sensitive to bad pillows. We’ve bought at least six of these and [have] had them for well over a year. They aren’t compressing or getting out of shape. They are just as cushy as when we got them. I’m a back- and side-sleeper, and these are great for either. They just mold to your head and neck, like you’d imagine a big marshmallow might do.”

While many customers appreciate the plushness of these pillows, some find them a bit too soft. “I wish it was a little more stuffed or firm so my head didn’t sink in as much, but they will do,” mentionedThe product namedone, has been reviewed positively by customers who noted its good quality. However, some also mentioned a slight odor as a downside, though not overpowering. Other users commented that the smell vanished after airing out the pillow.

Additionally, the final reviewer suggested that while there was a slight chemical-like scent, it did not cause any major concerns.

At a discounted price of $35.99, the Beckham Hotel Collection Pillows are recommended for a pillow upgrade in your home. Don’t miss the on-page coupon to maximize your savings.

Looking for matching pillowcases for your new pillows? Consider the Bedsure Satin Pillowcases on sale for $3 each.97bd5cd0 56f5 11ee a8bd 0c99dd0aad8397bd5cd0 56f5 11ee a8bd 0c99dd0aad83


These luxurious pillowcases not only provide a heavenly feel but also offer benefits for your skin and hair, preventing split ends. Have sweet dreams!

$6 at Amazon

If you are interested in Amazon Prime, you can enjoy free shipping. If you are not a member yet, You can sign up for a free 30-day trial here. (Additionally, those without Prime can still receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

The quoted reviews are based on the latest versions available at the time of publication.

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